World Vision kneels to the Antichrist

So World Vision, a humanitarian aid organization, changed its rules two days ago to allow their company to hire married gay Christians. They already had gay Christians, but specifically forbid married couples because, they argued, marriage was only marriage if sex was involved, and gay people could only be tolerated if they were abstinent.

In light of the inevitable backlash, today they did a 180 and reverted back to the original rules. They then issued a profound apology for the hurt and confusion their decision caused.

The problem is, they were apologizing to the conservative groups who were threatening to pull their support and leave thousands of children without aid. Not the people who genuinely want to do their part as Christians to feed, clothe and care for others. Not the children whose welfare would be put at risk. They apologized to millionaires and gatekeepers who wield extortion as a club to uphold their theological power, their self-granted capacity to determine who is and isn’t Christian.

How do the fruits of these thrice-damned sons of clay taste? Can you see God when you look around the bulk of these arrogant, overfed and unconcerned goats among men who stand defiantly in the face of mirrors?

It’s a small wonder they’re so eager to portray starvation as a temporal suffering, less important than to address eternal matters. These are the descendents of men who told African slaves, “The role of a good Christian is to obey without complaint, to forgive trespass without question, to abstain from any dream of worldliness.” To prop up their own power, vested in them by bloodstained hands, they turned and continue to preach that the only sin which is not forgivable is one against themselves.

Their vision of God, of necessity, is one of hate and exclusion. If it were ever come to pass that they were wrong, that God was inclusive and welcoming, they would have no excuse–NONE–for the harm they have inflicted and allowed to be inflicted over the centuries.

Paradise will be Hell for them.

3 thoughts on “World Vision kneels to the Antichrist

  1. You say it very well.

    World Vision’s cowering before the bullies has made me *angry* in a way few other things do. I try to be charitable and tell myself that WV aimed to take the least evil of two evil options. But I’m just too sickened to even be articulate on this subject.

    My consolation is that you and other bloggers are raising awareness about this disgrace.

  2. Indeed. “Persecuted minority” my donkey. The gleeful crowing that two thousand children and their communities lost support because of WV’s original decision is obscene and literally antichristly. We now know where their priorities are: Not in comforting the afflicted, not in feeding the poor. Not in love.

    • I should actually make an update on this, but I’ve never seen myself as a supplier of news, only perspective. Still:

      On one hand, it’s worse than that. In the end, according to reports, World Vision lost 10,000 donations.

      On the other hand, it’s not all that bad. It has implications, sure. It might have only been the tip of the iceberg if they’d stayed the course. However, World Vision doesn’t directly tie donations to child sponsorship. In other words. if one person drops sponsorship, their sponsored child does not actually stop receiving benefits. It’s entirely a symbolic gesture.

      To add to that, World Vision operates on a revenue of a billion dollars annually, and even 10,000 dropped sponsorships, adding up to four million dollars USD, doesn’t impact their revenue that much. With having reversed course a mere 48 hours after the initial decision, there wasn’t time to see whether or not they would have made up that number in new donations, and new donations were coming in.

      R. L. Stollar has an article on this which discusses it in blunt terms. I cannot gauge just how devastating $4M loss of revenue might have been in the long run, but he raises plenty of food for thought about World Vision’s motivations for reversing course so quickly.

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