It’s been a couple of days and I thought I’d reassure everyone that all is as well as it was prior, which is to say, not much has improved, but it hasn’t gotten any worse either. I had a bad night that triggered my PTSD badly enough that I spent the evening under observation, but that’s over and done with and we shan’t speak of it again! Unfortunately, news came to me through the grapevine that a member of my family has fallen extremely ill, having apparently been diagnosed with lung cancer despite never having smoked a day in her life. Prognosis is relatively good.

Good News is progressing and currently stands at 7 pages, 4142 words. I estimate it to be perhaps 75% complete. My current plan is to try and sell it in eBook media as a teaser to the series — say, for $1.99 or so, depending on what kind of cut the publisher wants out of it. I might also try selling through PayPal transactions, if that won’t invalidate other publishing attempts. Will do the research.

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