Overwhelming response

I cannot understate this. Thank you so much to everyone who has responded to my request yesterday. I am humbled and awed by the generosity of people who may as well be complete strangers, and this makes me stare at my life, the culture in which I’ve grown up and the direction we’re being taken by corporate greed. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing in common with anyone else, but you still manage to shine a ray of light while I’m in my hole. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My update for today: A section 8 development got back to me and they are so far looking like my best bet, if I qualify. I’ve thrown my résumé at two temp agencies and submitted an article to a freelance journalism site. Then I checked my PayPal account and wrote more tearful thank-you notes.

Per the request of themunck, here’s a shot of Mount Rainier!

I’ll get more pictures when the clouds pass — this was actually a crop of a self-portrait with me in the foreground. Mount Rainier is only visible on clear days (but the view in this picture is available mere blocks from my current home) and acts as a fairly reliable weather predictor: if clouds are visible surrounding the mountain, expect a nasty storm!

I’m going to start working on some short stories to post here, so I can give back a little in return for this wholly unexpected generosity. I’ve had a few in mind to write as sequels to the epic I’ve been in the process of writing for over a year now and I think I can get away with writing some of them under a Creative Commons license with enough details left vague that there’ll still be plenty of reason to read the big book coming later on. Then perhaps I can bind them all in one collection and sell them with some unpublished work as an anthology?

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