A reluctant request

I try not to use this blog in lieu of a journal or Facebook too often and I had hoped never to need to make a post like this, but my situation has been steadily going downhill. A few days before I got back from Nebraska, my landlord sent me a two week notice asking me to be out before the end of the month. Between lack of employment and options, I’m in a very tight squeeze. I’m looking into Section 8 housing now and fervently hoping that one or more of my job applications is met with success, but the clock is ticking and I have prerequisite income levels I need to meet ASAP.

Therefore, I am doing something I have never wanted to do, have resisted doing, and do only with the greatest reluctance: I am opening a PayPal account and asking for donations. My associated e-mail is sam_anonymous@yahoo.com

I hate having to resort to this. While I might not experience guilt the way I hear it described by others, I feel that I should have prevented this from happening. The fact that the economy has been very poor and my résumé isn’t that bad only does so much to assuage the feeling of inadequacy when there’s no bread on the table. If these feelings aren’t guilt, they are inwardly-directed anger.

I will do what I can to earn anything I receive. I’ve had a few short stories bouncing around in my head; perhaps we could try a bit of crowdfunded fiction? I live in a particularly beautiful part of the mid-west, so maybe I can post some high quality photographs of the countryside and Mount Rainier, weather permitting?

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