NebrasKon and loosening of anonymousness

(This post has been edited to remove non-linking pictures.)

Well, Halloween has passed and NebrasKon is over, and while I have a case of Post-Con Plague (conventions, with rampant hugging and high-fives, are breeding grounds for sickness), I’m doing relatively well. ‘Kon was entertaining. There were about 1600 attendees and a number of celebrities of varying status, the most recognizable of which (to me) was Dante Basco, most known for playing Rufio in the 1991 Robin Williams movie Hook and for his voice acting work as Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Jake Long in American Dragon. Attending his first panel was a young man cosplaying as Rufio, which lead to a wonderful image of Dante next to his younger self which I sadly can no longer share.

There were a lot of colorful characters at the convention, from a Shadow Lugia chasing its tail to a Captain Jack Sparrow who had the mannerisms and accent down perfectly (but kept company with a ninja, who he referred to as his first mate). The most unusual one (which wasn’t simply bizarre) was a cosplay of Randy “Macho Man” Savage in the prime of his career.

I went in the persona of a character who is not entirely original — and that brings us to some semi-important news. Over a process of some years, I am finally transitioning to a point where most of the projects I have worked on are now associated with a pseudonym, including my presence within the company itself. My identity is no longer directly associated with that company in any public way. This means, at long last, I am no longer contractually obligated to be anonymous! I still cannot speak directly of the company, but I can now share a few more pieces of information about myself.

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