Bread from Heaven

Well, life goes on, not comfortably, but still forward. I spent the weekend at a June Faire, an SCA event, which would have gone better if I’d had company. Unfortunately, my introversion makes it difficult to interact with people, so I spent most of the time reading and finished Towers of Midnight–a book of more than 800 pages–and added a few hundred words to my own writing, which had been at a block. Next event, I plan on trying to make myself a bit more inviting for company. Hopefully I won’t burn as badly in the sun, either…

I recently discovered a radio station which plays a variety of music, some I like, some by which I’m a lot less enthused, but in particular one song that has quickly grown on me. It went from a song to which I liked listening to a song that made my eyes wet, and then I saw the video for it. After I finished crying, I knew I had to post it.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert – Same Love

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