May 27th, 2012 was the Rapture

Another year has passed without the Apocalypse taking place — it’s somewhat disappointing that people keep making predictions, having them not come true, then making more. Most people think of Harold Camping when I say this and his predictions in 2011, but not as many know about his three predictions in 1994 and fourth in 1995.

Robert Weinland predicted the Rapture to occur on September 29th, 2011, citing himself as one of the Witnesses prophesied in Revelation. To the surprise of few people, nothing appeared to happen on that date. He later went on to prophesy that it would happen on May 27th, 2012, then May 29th, 2013. Shortly before the last date, he recanted his prophecy and claimed that it would yet happen, but only after the Earth had undergone tribulation.

I do not consider Robert Weinland to be a good prophet. He is vainglorious and a tax evader. However, he was right about one thing: the Rapture occurred on May 27th, 2012. It just wasn’t as he had envisioned it.

I dream about the end of the world very often. I suppose I have a morbid subconscious, since I don’t dwell on it in any capacity that I’m aware of, but it shows up in my dreams at least once a week. I’ve seen intense fire, meteors from above and the ruins of civilization. There are days I’ve thought about keeping a yume nikki (sorry) of my apocalyptic dreams, but I’m afraid it would turn into a science fiction movie. Therefore, it wasn’t entirely surprising that I dreamed about the apocalypse on May 27th. It was what happened later in the dream that was unusual — it was something that had never happened before, and hasn’t happened since.

The dream began in media res with memories of the events leading up to the point of the dream in which I entered, which is typical. I tend to think of my dreams as experiencing a slice of some alternate reality, as they’re often intricately detailed and self-contained little worlds. In this one, the Earth’s crust was in the process of collapsing into the sea, which had crept inward beneath the surface, infiltrating underground reservoirs and weakening the foundations beneath homes and cities. In this world, my family and I were living further inland on a stretch of grass plains, but the destruction had reached our home and I could see the ground sinking even from the front porch. As it reached the house, the floorboards cracked and everything jerked.

This is usually the point at which I would wake up. I’m not a heavy sleeper to begin with and vertigo usually snaps me out of any dream, but that didn’t happen this time.

What happened was that the crumbling earth went away. In its place was pristine soil, black and healthy, rich with nutrients. Instinctively, I knew that any plant could grow in it, just as I knew that the air, which smelled sweet and fresh, would never again contain any chemical which would make someone ill. I went back inside the house, which was now restored and completely clean, to explain what I already knew to my family: we had just seen the Rapture. We were now in Paradise. They doubted me, at first, but in the kitchen was a member of the family now departed, waiting for us to explain where we were and what had happened.

This wasn’t Heaven, at least as commonly depicted. I call it Paradise because it was still Earth, but it was a perfect Earth. Information was flooding into my mind from people all around the globe; telepathy was now only natural, since we had no secrets from each other and no need to keep them. Fear, hunger and greed were superfluous and no longer existed in this world. Whatever we wanted, we could obtain freely, so aesthetics had become our calling. It mimicked Earth in that the arrangement of cities was similar, but now that money had no value, people were free to live as they pleased.

Although we still had physical bodies, these were no longer bound by the same rules. By willing it, I took flight to explore the new world, soaring through the sky at speeds that our fastest jets would be unable to match. Almost instantly, I could travel from western United States to Europe to look upon the oldest cities, now rendered as quaint villages according to the needs and desires of their inhabitants. The air remained pleasant no matter where I went, and even the icy reaches of the far north were easily tolerable. I could soar above the clouds while conversing with people on any side of the planet and we could now share ideas and experiences as if we were all one and the same family.

I came upon something then which I couldn’t understand. It was a boundary made to look like endless skies, yet somehow fuzzy, like a poorly compressed JPEG image. My boundless comprehension gave me no intuition to explain this barrier, so I tried to overcome it. I set my weight against it and pushed until I could feel something giving way before me–

And woke up.

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